Indeed Jobs Search

If you have never done an Indeed Jobs search for a new career, you don’t have any idea what you are missing. Really, is one of the most comprehensive job search engines I have ever seen. Since this is a jobs search engine it is somewhat more like Google than it is an employment website like CareerBuilder or Snag A Job.

With traditional job sites like CareerBuilder you can look up companies advertising positions based on category, company and more. Sites like Career and Snag A Job also have a lot of advertising on the front page of their site and it may be a little confusing as to looking up the exact position you want. However, with, it is as simple as putting in a few keywords that describe the career or position you are after, the company you want to work for, or the specific job title and the area you want to search in and then hitting the button that says “Find Jobs.”

Once you do that you are taken to a search results page that looks surprisingly  like Google and there you will find your jobs listed just as you would search results on any search engine. And on that page you can then sort through salary levels, exact companies, a more specific location and whether the job is posted by a recruiter or an actual company looking for people with your skills.

You can further narrow down your search criteria with the Advanced Search page and use more exact keywords, negative keywords, whether you want to look at jobs from job boards, employer websites or all websites.

It is important to remember that when you do an Indeed Jobs Search you are searching for jobs and they are listed on other websites, not on Just like you would find a search result at Google, a search result for employment opportunities will take you to another website where you can check out the opportunity and decide if you want to fill out a resume, submit your resume or contact the employer for more information.

You can also join and submit your resume and get email alerts for jobs in your area when specific criteria you have submitted is matched by a recently posted job. Check out for your next job before the position you want is taken by someone less qualified.

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